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Storer Marketing is an online small business in Rhode Island assisting entrepreneurs with their business development and online branding.


Online marketing is an affordable way for entrepreneurs to maximize their budget and reach.


I offer a variety of online marketing services (business launch, social media, SEO, digital ad campaigns, etc.) and business consulting to entrepreneurs. 


I primarily work on start-ups and short-term marketing projects for my clients which allows them more flexibility with their budget. 

New businesses and non-profits don't usually have large budgets or the dedicated personnel to perform  online marketing like running digital ad campaigns, updating website content and social media.


The majority of the time this falls to the owner to do. I have degrees in marketing communications and advertising with broad experience in online marketing, business administration, digital media, web design, and research. Unlike a large agency or third-party software you'll connect with me personally to help grow your business. I am a small business owner like you! 


These days, having an active business presence on Facebook is as crucial as having a website.


The algorithms keeps changing.


Are you ready? 

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Storer Marketing

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