Facebook Benefits for Small Business Owners

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

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Small business owners can create a Facebook Page for FREE. No domain fees. No monthly costs. Knowing how to leverage Facebook's free tools takes time and practice. Online marketing solutions for small business owners is a great way to get started.

Why should a small business owner create (or claim) a Facebook Page? Not only is it cheap, but almost necessary these days.

People are using Facebook in more ways than ever lately. I personally foresee Facebook being the next major search engine.

Acquiring your social real estate is a both a defensive and offensive strategy here, folks!

Here are 10 Benefits to Consider:

  1. Low-Cost marketing strategy. With a free business Page, Group Page, Event listings, etc... the list of free features available on Facebook continues to grow.

  2. Get more recommendations and referrals. Users can link your Facebook Page to when people are asking for recommendations. Make sure the ability to tag your business in a post is turned on to tap into this free referral generating tool!

  3. Share basic company information, products, pictures, videos. Control the message being sent to your customers by putting it out there yourself. Claim your pages and keep your information current.

  4. Connect with current customers. Engagement and customer loyalty is marketing gold. Use the Messenger platform to connect directly with individuals. Make sure to sign your name when responding from a business page for that one-on-one interaction.

  5. Provide Customer Support. Head off any potential negative reviews beforehand! Helping customers in real-time allows you to troubleshoot any issues in real-time.

  6. Create a business Group. Facebook is using Groups as a way to personalize user content and experience. Did you know you can select which Groups to show first in your Newsfeed?

  7. Raise brand awareness. Create the content to align with your brand values and use social channels to distribute the message.

  8. Drive traffic to website. You'll want your website to always be the source since it is what you own and control. Directing traffic back to your domain will help with page ranking and (hopefully) conversions. Be true with yourself on what "conversion" means to your business. Use appropriate calls to action with your conversion in mind.

  9. Encourage followers to share info. Social influencers and brand advocates are other way of generating referrals. Be sure to encourage sharing of information on public posts. You'll need to be smart about privacy settings and shared content to leverage this tool. A good practice is to "give more than you take" when posting content. Add value to the end user and engage with them.

  10. Run targeted ad campaigns at low-cost. With custom audiences and demographics, you can target certain users based on their interests and preferences. Niche targeting is effective because you can drill into an audience.

If you are a small business owner in Rhode Island and are looking for help with your online marketing, reach out to me today!

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