Facebook Marketing for Small Business Owners

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Facebook continues to dominate the social playing field and having an active business presence on Facebook is as crucial as having a website. Many users are on Facebook asking for recommendations, referrals and reviews. By creating a Facebook Page for your small business, you'll be able to leverage this online word-of-mouth advertising and create an online brand presence. Let me help! Seriously.

Facebook is constantly making updates to their platform for both personal and business pages. Staying current with the updates is recommended to take full advantage of this low-cost online marketing tool. Now you can create Groups and Stories for your business page! Let's face it. The chance for grabbing a potential customer's attention is fleeting. Just look at your mobile newsfeed.

How many posts do you see? Is the second one a Sponsored ad?

Even with the option to Follow First is limited to only 30. I get that I'm not the average user, but only 30 follow firsts?! COME ON!

Depending on the type of business you own, a Page can be created using various templates. Selecting the right template allows users to take full advantage of a page. A good example would be the option to "Check-In" at a place of business. What a great way to create organic engagement with your brand! For Free.

Did you know you can also reorder the tabs displayed on the sidebar? Want to show up on your competitor's page?

Yes? I thought so! I can do that.

Advertising online with Facebook also allows you to cross-post to other platforms like EventBrite, Instagram and Messenger. With the acquisition of WhatsApp, I foresee Facebook integrating more emphasis in the algorithm on Messenger sharing.

User experience (UX) is huge for them. They want users on their platform.

Or at least one that they own.

If a Facebook user has "liked" your page, they are able to tag your business in a post. If the original post is public the business will receive a notification of the mention.

This is handy when they give recommendations to their friends! Facebook makes it so easy that they give you a drop down selection of Liked pages to tag. want to check it out?

Simply use the "@"prompt. Don't add a space after the symbol -- just start typing.

By creating and maintaining a business Facebook Page, you'll be able to setup the foundation for your business on social media on your own terms.

If you sell services to another business like I do (B2B) then I would also suggest using LinkedIn both personally and professionally.

I find Facebook and LinkedIn to be very similar in terms of features but with a tiered subscriber business model.

You gotta pay to play in most cases.

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