Finding that entrepreneurial spark on a spiritual journey.

Updated: Sep 24

The pandemic is creating a huge shift in the universe right now. I don't care who you are -- you are impacted by everything going on right now. If you know me personally, then you know this year has been difficult. Some days I even surprise myself at how far I've come in the head space that I'm in. You have to internally coach yourself through some dark days when everything is coming at you so fast. You don't really get a choice. That flight, fight or freeze reaction. We are all capable of doing a little bit of all three when need be. Our bodies just respond differently because, you guessed it, everyone is different. Cliché, but true.

I'm opening up more to meeting other entrepreneurs locally. Mostly because they are within my comfort zone and I know them from my own personal network. Connecting is really important to me right now because I don't want to go into the dark hermit mode that is so easy to do. Even more so with COVID. I have to consciously take action to move something forward. Now that I utilize quiet time for prayer or meditation, it can be easy to feel like I haven't accomplished something tangible. Or rather, something others can see. But truth of the matter is, that's the inner work that the gurus talk about. Not even just the gurus, but people who are awake and trying to just better themselves. Looking for more and striving to be better humans for themselves AND society.

Like I mentioned before, my goal right now is to take the business off pause and start prospecting again.  I am openly connecting with like minded individuals out there who want help with their website or business strategy. At one point I envisioned only having one or two big clients. That was my "dream" so to speak because I was tight for time with the kids. Now things aren't so tight in this big dream of mine. When you hear about setting intentions and manifestation, that's what they tell you to do anyways -- keep and open mind and don't limit yourself to one solution. What some folks may see as desperation, others call it flexibility.

Now that I am connecting with other entrepreneurs, the language starts to change. I definitely had to shift my language when I left the academic sector. The basics and the foundations stay the same, but the language definitely changed. I do enjoy the candid conversations I can now have without so much of a filter attached. Less energy is expended when I don't have to hold back so much.

If you want to connect, then let's setup a time to talk. I like to do my homework before a call to try and maximize our time, so I collect info upfront. I found that it turns people away when its on my website, but not when its on social. In other words, when it is on a social platform, people provide more details upfront. Networking is everything! If you're on Messenger and want to connect that way--send me a PM.

I am also trying to send potential clients to my calendar app more habitually. I've found that it helps me plan ahead and keep my work appointments separated. The first 15-minute introductory call is free so there's no pressure. (Like how it is built into the website? I can do that for your website too!)

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