Harness the Entrepreneurial Spirit to Invest In Yourself

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

When starting as a new entrepreneur in the middle of my career, it's more about life experiences and relationships with people.

It is natural for me to want to help.

My enthusiasm and excitement -- my entrepreneurial energy is deflecting people. Or rather, intimidating them? Who knows. As the ENFP personality type, I tend to over-think situations as it is. It's been hard but I'm learning that these are going to be the points where I grow the most as an entrepreneur.

If I go back to my circle of control it really is more or less something I need to lean into.

Not let resistance bring me down but learn to let it drive me.

Right now, I'm all about working smarter because you can't exchange time for money. Everything is about investment. Build to grow and sustain.

If I sit down and really think about my past faculty members, I have to take some pride in my own accomplishments along the way.

I've spent my career building up those around me.

What was I building for them? At the time I didn't really value it as a self-interest. I'm not the type. My mindset was more focused on helping them achieve a dream. If the administrative tasks and obstacles are streamlined, how quickly can you close that gap? That was my jam.

I had the ability to help them recognize their passion and dreams. It was a matter of finding a means through all the administrative burden in the system and being their champion.

Ultimately I learned that my style was more focused on data solutions, process improvement and being able to see the bigger picture.

Where are my faculty members today because of an award I helped them obtain? How did I impact their life by launching them to the next stage in their career?

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I have to get in the mindset of self-interest right now because of my business launch. Being a new entrepreneur is turning out to be a lot of self-discovery and letting go. The mundane things I use to stress about don't bother me anymore. I feel a sense of freedom. #EntrepreneurMindset

The era of online grant proposal submissions happened a few years into my career.

I learned the paper submission process and online. This is proving to be a trend in my life. Essentially bridging the technology gap for others along the journey.

I was booking plane tickets for faculty to personally deliver their proposal to DC.

This was right after 9/11 and all the security changes happened with airports and packages. They stopped allowing investigators from personally delivering them to the NIH office. The local express courier had to deliver the proposal package to the NIH processing center. It was that close to the deadline. Radical times!

Essentially, it was that start-up energy every time a new proposal went in.

I loved it, but I had too many at once. Too much stress to realize my potential.

I was there when NIH transitioned all their award types to Grants.gov. I was there when Obama released his ARRA stimulus package and the mad dash for cash happened.

It was chaos.

Quote by Paulo Coelho

Looking back, my ability to navigate the technical aspects was the key driver in my career success.

When things stressed me, I turned to software solutions to ease my mind. It made sense to me. Where I struggled personally was trying to drag others along.

Not everyone can think in terms of object-oriented programming and see the bigger picture. I was young.

When you're working with professionals at the top of their industry, you learn to have courage and speak quickly because their time is precious.

You hustle hard to get things done.

You offer to walk with them to the OR (Operating Room). Never mind the fact you are stress sweating and not entirely sure how to get back to your office. You hustle.

If I can do it for them, then I can do it for me.

It is time to harness that momentum and invest in myself.

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