Improve Social Media Marketing Tracking Using Google's UTM Campaign URL Builder

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Google has a custom URL campaign builder tool for UTM code tracking. If you're not familiar with UTM codes then I recommend checking out Neil Patel's "The Ultimate Guide to Using UTM Parameters".

You've probably seen these a thousand times when all of a sudden the URL turns into a long string of text. It looks a bit spammy. Yes? That extra code is added to the URL merely for tracking purposes.

This level of detail allows users to track their marketing campaigns within Google Analytics. It is a great way for someone like me to track a marketing campaign's ROI. You can track email campaigns, promo signups, social, paid posts, etc.

Setting up the UTM codes correctly allows you to determine which social network and even what posts are generating the most traffic! The extra minute it takes to set up your UTM code is time well invested.

With this level of click-thru detail, the world of online marketing makes a little more sense to a business. When you can determine the ROI for your time and efforts for a marketing campaign it makes conversion tracking is easier. You'll see where the social network referral traffic is being generated when you look at your Google Analytics reports if you build a custom campaign URL. Is it from your Facebook Group? Twitter? LinkedIn? A paid post?

You can set up this level of detail pretty easily if you put the time into it.

I also love how Google lets you shorten the URL right then and there, too! Way to go, Google.

Are you using Google's Campaign URL Builder yet? Let me know in the comments!

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