It has been difficult to reflect on my career hardships with MSU

No matter what they threw at me, I kept going and trying.

Not letting their latest tactic to isolate and discourage me, bring me down.

Enough time has passed for me to finally talk about it. A lot of it became public so I have this sense of freedom to open up about it.

Working there in such a time of chaos impacted me on so many levels. It seeped into my being. My spirit. My personality. People say I've changed and I agree with them.

Reflecting back, it began because of my grit and perseverance to not give up. No matter how many times they moved me to a new manager, I tried again. and again.

What obstacles are you able to overcome as an individual? What happens when your abilities are no longer restrained by the system?

Constructive discharge is a thing because there are people out there who use tactics to beat you down. With intent.

You go through the hoops of HR because you are a LIABILITY to the company. #Truthbomb

I voted with my feet and look at the power of that momentum. I need THAT to inspire me now. That fire is in my spirit.

Let that entrepreneurial spark light the fire.

To be the power behind what I'm capable of surviving. I'm starting over again in the middle of my career and it's scary to do. That takes courage. Over the years, I've learned to lean into these moments because that's when we grow.

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