Launching Your Own Business: Starting Small in Rhode Island

Updated: Oct 10

When I launched my business last year, some people were surprised to hear that I acquired my LLC from the start. There are basic things that you need to do that folks can sometimes overlook. For instance, one great first step is to search if the name you want to use is available using the RI Department of State Corporate Database.

That moment when I walked to the bank with my first client check and asked my banker to open a business account; that's the real thing. Opposition is everywhere ladies and gentlemen. Who is going to build you up? There's so much hate out there in the world that weighs us down. You have to figure out how to vibrate higher than it.

Find your own tribe (village... whatever you want to call it). A lot of people will exit your life when you find success. Here's the thing, success doesn't have to be defined by money or material things. Most people are intimated by success that money doesn't bring. Because money can't buy you love or true peace. That's the inner work that most people aren't afforded the time to devote.

How many people can say they tried? Why do the comparisons matter so much? Is it the thief of joy as the saying goes or does it help you assimilate?

COVID put unprecedented change upon the world and the online space has grown so much. There's market growth but also saturation. Everyone seems to be selling something right now and seeing it as a side hustle. Even more so, I see Modere posts popping up everywhere in my news feed. People are finally waking up and wanting more from their life. Mediocrity never did suit me.

From the start, I wanted to help folks bring their small business into a reality. Luckily I kept pretty good notes on the steps to start my own business. As a new mom, taking notes and making lists are survival skills.

When you start to look at the process of starting your own business, it is overwhelming. The business portal is a series of links or what seems like a never ending click recycle. What did I REALLY need to get started? As a sole proprietor without a store front, did much of it apply to me? Not really.

There's gotta be a checklist somewhere for this right? Goodness gracious. It was a maze at first. Its just a small business. What do you really need?

Obviously some of them are a matter of preference, like logo design. Some businesses maintain success without officially designing their logo. Its just something you'll need soon enough to market your business and offerings. Branding upfront is a certainly a preference, but recommended for longer term growth.

If you're like me and just want to jump into it, then you're in luck. I am going through my notes to put together a checklist of items to get your business launched.

The need is out there. Not to mention the handful of people out there who were gifted a business. They didn't start from zero like some of us. Perhaps they want to finally branch out and want to start something new. I have to get the gears going to move the business forward. Do what I set out to do in the first place--help others.


Looking for a checklist to get your small business started? The list also includes clickable links to help you through the process and space to write in your own notes!

Visit the product page or email me for details. I accept PayPal and Venmo payments online at this time.

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