Let your spirit guide you. Finding business prospects amidst COVID pandemic.

Right now I am on this spiritual awakening journey.  Turns out I'm not alone and there's people out there "like me" who actually get it.  People who actually understand what it is like to go through this internal process.  No one can do it for you. You also can't really make it happen or rush it -- in my humble opinion.  There's a process of failing that builds your character, confidence and perspective.  When you can rise above it and see from a different perspective, the details get lost. The emotion doesn't sting so badly the further away you get from it.  

The world of COVID has been unpredictable, unprecedented and shocking. The change happening around the globe is incredible.  There's good to see in the world, too. It is just so hard to detach from the media sometimes.  I've had to consciously turn off the news and reduce my time on social.  Finding the light is easier to do when you can center yourself and distance yourself from all negativity.  There's still love out there.  

My challenge right now is trying to determine who to let into my comfort zone.  I haven't dedicated much time to the business so I could focus on the family.  Now that things have settled a bit, it is time to re-evaluate what to do next.  And I have a lot of work to do. Where do I want to take the business next?  Who is going to be my ideal client?  What is holding me back from really selling? It is like I'm staring at a bunch of roads but haven't started down any of them. 

Sure, there's gotta be a ton of people looking to launch a new website.  Thing is, these folks have to see it as the investment it truly can be. Can you believe some people don't see the value in having their own website or custom domain?  I need to find the people who already know the importance of that.  I can't spend a lot of time convincing them it is in their best interest.  Right now I'm approaching people that I like as humans. Reaching out to them directly to see if they'd like help with their website or business in general.  Not because I'm trying to sell myself, but because I can see where I can help THEM.  If I don't see it, I don't sell it.  I don't want to dedicate my time to a vision I can't see.  Or god forbid, they turn out to be a real asshat.  I'm as genuine as they come and I can't expend energy into faking it. #swipeleft

Time to dust off the spiderwebs and get back to business.  If I put it out there into the universe, then I'll hold myself more accountable.  My goal is to take the business off pause and start prospecting again.  Connecting with like minded individuals out there who want help with their website or business strategy.  With all this extra time at home now and the restless nights, I need something to be working towards again.  Usually it is someone else's side project, but now I have to make it my own. 

I have to let my spirit guide me.  

"If light is in your heart, you will find your way home." - Rumi

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