Making Websites Work For You When You're Not.

Updated: May 13, 2019

In life you're either making money or spending money.

The beauty of having a website is it works when you're not. Or at least that is the idea. One way or another it, a website should be increasing your brand awareness, sharing basic company information and contact details. A well-written about section can do wonders for search engine results. Whether you have an e-commerce site or a basic 5 page site, make it work for you! Design landing pages, sales funnels, lead magnets, setting social sharing info, call to actions, buy now options, special offers, etc.

Make your website work for you! Not the other way around.

Establishing the groundwork for your business online doesn't need to be complicated. A simple five-page website with the right information can do wonders for online presence as a business. Creating a free Facebook Page is one thing, but you need a website that works for you too. You can get a simple drag-and-drop website like WiX that is easy to manage or dive right in with a self-hosted WordPress site. The options are almost endless. Frankly, it can become overwhelming! Remember, you'll want to always drive traffic back to your site. You control it and own it. You don't own your Facebook Page or Group. People get banned and Groups get deleted every day. How devastated would you be if you lost access to your account or Facebook Group? Or worse, BLOCKED by an admin! 💔

One way or another, social media is part of your sales funnel. Be real about it with your followers. They follow your page for a reason. Embrace it! They want to cheer you on, learn more, see behind the scenes, get special promotions, visit new stores, etc. You get the idea.

You can also use social to improve customer retention. Encourage loyal customers to write a review. Some businesses go as far as asking for a 5-star-review right out of the gate. Do you want to be that company? Its cool if you do, just be honest with yourself.

The general posting strategy that I recommend to a client is based on their number of current page followers. If you have over 1K followers, then you should be posting to one channel, at least one time a day. 1K followers = 1 post x 1 channel per day.

I'm also an advocate of the 4-1-1 posting strategy for social media. It's not so spammy and overly promotional when you take the 4-1-1 approach. You can read more about the 4-1-1 content strategy here.

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This may seem like a lot at first but the Facebook Newsfeed is long gone. Facebook is now focusing on reduced permanence and Stories. Facebook Stories are similar to SnapChat in the sense they disappear after 24hrs. The editing features are comparable, although I personally think SnapChat ranks ahead in terms of brand marketing. In my last blog post, I mentioned the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook is dominating the social playing field right now with their integration of features from WhatsApp and Insta.

Facebook is showing their colors big time with the recent 2019 update from Facebook. My girl Rachel Miller always has the inside scoop. She's one of my favorites to follow. She's known for being an Organic Traffic Strategist at Moolah Marketing. Her brand values and strategies align similar to mine. It is inspiring to watch her crush it because that's Storer Marketing's niche too. Here's a plug for her SEO secrets on YouTube if you want to check it out.

User experience (UX) is everything to Facebook. Are you so surprised the next big thing is Messenger? End to end encryption?

Believe it when we see it. 😆 Right?

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