Online Marketing Solutions for Small Business Owners

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

There are so many free online marketing solutions available for a small business owner. I love working with a new client and showing them all the new tools at their disposal. A Facebook Page Optimization and customizing Page Insights provides a wealth of business info to them.

And that's just Facebook!

When a small business is just getting started, it is a great opportunity to lay the ground work for online presence and building a site that provides simple, yet effective, online marketing.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to launch your business.

Getting found online is another matter all together. Some basics DO need to happen. Read more...

I just went through this personally starting my own business, so I know what it takes.

It is a great feeling to see my site or another client's site get found online and climb the ranks. Those are business milestones for sure.

Before spending money on advertising plans, I recommend business owners update their website and reindex their page with Google afterwards.

As you can imagine, this can result in strange looks and pauses in the conversation.

Yes. It is recommended you routinely submit your sitemap to Google for indexing.

There's no guarantee when your page will be crawled, never mind recrawled!

Take matters into your own hands and get your site into Google's work queue to crawl your page.

I personally loved this article by Neil Patel. Its geek speak for sure, but then again, I speak geek.

I'm a Xennial. I'm considered that "microgeneration". I grew up as a kid in an analog world and my adulthood has been in technology. I wear my microgeneration Xennial title like a badge of honor. And I love helping other people bridge the tech gap for their business.

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