Pushing forward and connecting with others even without new clients

These days the online marketing niche is over-saturated. You would think there's a rise in clients or sales since everyone is online right now. Truth is no one knows what the future is going to look like in a month so holding onto that disposable income is important.

Over the past six months, I wasn't kind to myself about the business. People ask me if I'm going to rename it, or close it. One friend had the wise sage advice of telling me to ride it out and just put it on pause for now. So that's what I did.

We forget that we have these other buttons we can push except play and stop. We also have rewind, pause and fast forward. Use the rewind button to reflect back on how far you've come. The pause button to enjoy the present, to reflect and analyze. The fast forward button to help devise some long term goals.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years? 3? 10?

I have to learn how to put back on my new entrepreneur hat and use those buttons while analyzing my business. I share this with you not as a rant, but because sometimes we forget about the different hats we all wear. It builds up and can weigh you down. When you start taking off those hats, the load becomes lighter and you get back to your authentic self. The same process can be said about choosing which hats to put back on. Be conscious of it. I personally wasn't eligible to receive the $600/wk unemployment during the COVID19 pandemic. Why? Since I stayed home all those years to raise my kids, I didn't qualify. When everyone else got their checks, it made my heart hurt that I wasn't even a blip on someone's radar--the government. Doesn't that hit you in the gut?

What about all the stay at home moms who decided it made more sense to raise the children than join the adult workforce? With the cost of daycare and having multiple children, it adds up fast. You have to determine the break even point. It is such a hard world we live in, especially right now. Everyone has a different background story and we need to remind ourselves to be kind to one another. No one knows your story better than YOU!

The majority of entrepreneurs know this for sure right now -- the struggle is real. And we know we aren't alone. We are just trying to navigate the current environment to pivot. I have the honor of knowing several entrepreneurs closely. Some of them are posting about their business struggles and my heart goes out to them. Some due to losing their regular job and having to focus more on their side business. Others had their business go under or see it happening soon. And then there's the in-between folks that are still maintaining water, but not getting any new clients. (The folks who are crushing it are different all together. That's a post for another day!)

My point? Keep pushing forward even if it doesn't seem like you're getting anywhere. Continue to connect and reflect on all that you HAVE accomplished. Don't look at what you haven't done yet--that growing to do list...

Make a list of things you've accomplished that make you proud. Focus on THAT. Share stories with others; it humanizes us and we learn how to help those who need it. Be authentic and be you.

Hang in there my friends, this isn't over yet.

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