Starting as a Freelancer in Rhode Island

Updated: May 10, 2019

Business is now picking up at a pace where I'm ready to commit to some regular daycare during the week for the girls.

As a freelancer, this was initially a way to earn some cash as a side gig while the kids were still home with me. I started my own business to help others with their small business! I'm a life learner at heart and love helping people. A bit geeky, business minded, honest, and passionate about what I do. It has been fun for me and it doesn't feel like work in the sense it energizes me instead of feeling dull or boring. Waking up at 5AM not because I need to but because I want to. Those days are getting rare and less productive lately because the kids are usually up early too.

Speaking of which, the term "working mom" kind of aggravates me. Not on a personal level but towards our society. What mom isn't working? They just aren't getting "paid" to do what they do. What is "work"anyways?

Starting off slow as a freelancer has provided me the time to bootstrap the business financially. I was hesitant to start a blog because I knew that it meant making it public. I'm a fairly private person so baring all was (is?) out of my comfort zone. Yes, I always had a website and enjoyed writing and journaling as a way to be mindful, but usually reserved for close friends. I liked how LiveJournal gave you the privacy features for your entries. Layering security like that back in the early 2000s was a smart move for them business-wise and showed market insight.

People see blogging these days as a way to sell ad space. It didn't feel natural to me so I was hesitant to start one. I started this business blog to share and connect. Even if it is within my own network of family, friends and clients, that's cool with me. All the blogging guides tell you to write from the heart and not like a book. That's encouraging for anyone starting, like me, who isn't isn't a writer or the grammar police.

I had this ah-ha moment earlier this week when I was drafting a new services agreement. It was a little scary and time consuming putting together my project plan. I came to the realization that I am going to have to be exclusive about who I partner with going forward.

Its just the time factor really. I am already booking out into June with my current projects. Finding the work hasn't been difficult for me yet (praise be!) but finding the time has been.

Doing what I do, I'm always networking and connecting with businesses. I can align my own business with others who inspire me, share similar values or those who are just trying to do a good thing. Those people are still out there and I'm blessed to say I've found a handful of them early on during my startup.

Connecting organically and building true relationships with people gets me involved in the community naturally. While I might not be able to scale my business for rapid growth, I can be selective about who I partner with next. Getting involved with the local community and small businesses to do a good thing is what it is all about. #lovewhatyoudo

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