Supporting Those at the Top: Leadership During Organizational Change

Updated: Sep 3

The business officially launched on July 14th. It has been about two weeks and I have four prospects post launch.

I used the attraction marketing methods I learned from Modere and applied it to my business launch. Attraction marketing is such a universal strategy that you can apply it to any industry. It just makes sense when you break down what they teach you. I'm totally riding that #CrushIt train. It's genius and so simple. You really don't have to put that much effort into it. Just open up and be who you are. Attract that "ideal client". Learning to let go and open up is the pivot point.

The fascinating thing is I haven't really defined my target niche. Yet.

Mostly because my skill set is so universal for online marketing that I could help anybody, right? The last two weeks I have attracted business coaches. Naturally.

My launch was more or less telling people I could help them with THEIR launch. Corny, but simple. Somehow I put myself out there and let those people LOOKING--find me.

People are drawn to people who are similar to them or someone they "know, like and trust" already. You're supposed to love yourself, right? It's genius! 🤣 Attraction marketing works.

When you open up and put yourself out there--the haters fade quick. I'm on this entrepreneurial high right now and letting it take me where the energy pulls. I'm following that energy and drive. What will be, will be... and those that bring negative energy into your life exit. #HatersSwipeLeft

Some of the people who've approached me are interested in growing only one side of their business (for now).

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to focus on the basics to get you to where you WANT to go. In other-words, some people just aren't there yet. It is a self-discovery process. I see it so clearly because I'm going through it myself. I'm learning that I'm ultimately supporting them during their process. That my fresh perspective provides a lot of value.

I asked a colleague from Chicago for his opinion on my best skill set. He responded that it was supporting the team and being organized. His opinion matters to me, more now than ever, because he saw me through a lot of tough projects. We went through a lot of ups and downs. Lots of changing of the guards from the dean to the administrators. Times were tough with all the organizational change management going on. Basically, corporate speak for shit's hitting the fan.

Right now, I am attracting high-level business coaches who are essentially supporting their own team. When we get down to it, if that's my greatest skill set, I wonder who is supporting those who support the team? Who supports the leaders in times of crisis? Or change? Being at the top can be such a heavy burden to carry. With all this post-launch thinking, I wonder now who supports the people at the top. The CEOs, leaders, VPs, etc.

On some level you have to absorb it from YOUR people and also know what to deflect at the same time. Always trying to find the right balance for the team.

What's right and what's necessary. Sometimes doing what is right isn't always easy. Do you have the grit that it takes to make the tough choice? Having the courage and admitting to YOUR team that they are going through a difficult season opens up communication channels. Change is a season. You either embrace it or let it become your own worst enemy.

Post launch, I'm connecting with these business coaches and starting to build that connection. Ideally, I want to be able to work together in a way that just makes sense. It is turning out to be a lot of time invested upfront. Much more than I anticipated. It takes time to develop and see whether it is a fit for both parties. I don't see it as a transaction, but more of building a relationship. That's the self-less side of me--I guess. Other people call it the long-game. I want it to be more sincere than that.

Being the process improvement type that I am, I'd rather set the stage up front. Recently my friend Jamie from Outlier Marketing Group, released a podcast from her show "OMG Radio with Jamie Palmer" (listen below) about the importance of having a communication policy as part of your services agreement with clients. I thought it was absolutely genius! I love how she's navigated the water already as an entrepreneur and shares those ninja tips with us. She gets it.

If I'm ultimately good at supporting those at the top then I have to get intentional with my time. I will only be able to support a few at a time. The project planning and forecasting will be crucial to my success. Also having clear boundaries and setting expectation upfront is going to make or break some of these business relationships.

The photo comparison they do of the Presidents when they come into office is revealing. You can visually see the effect each year has on their being.

The responsibilities of being the "boss" or the President takes a huge toll on your health. To think that someone at that level must have every tool at their disposal to help. And it is still such a sacrifice on someone's health and being. Their spirit.

Functioning at that level takes emotional agility. Who supports them?

Ultimately I think it comes down to a team approach to support those at the top.

You have to know yourself and be open to the help and be willing to change. To know that life means change. That growing means change. Learning means change. We all want to evolve. Be something better than what came before us. It is the human element. It is what we want for our children. We want our children to lead better lives than us. We want change for them because we know that's when growth happens.

It is more or less a matter of embracing the change and having the right people supporting you during those seasons. I think it's crucial to have the right team in place for those at the top. The mind is a powerful thing.

Health is the first wealth and many people take it for granted.

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