Take Massive and Determined Action to Move Forward

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

During my years in Chicago, I spent a lot of time focusing on professional development.

I was the geek excited for their next DMAIC principles training.

I was drawn to the aspect of focusing on the details to make an impact on the bigger picture.

A simple solution could make a huge difference. Process improvement was my jam.

DMAIC Process: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

In medical education they foster a "See one, do one, teach one" mastery mentality.

The idea is after you've mastered each stage, you can move onto the next, to ultimately teach others.

The process of teaching others encourages you to study up on your own skills and trade.

If you can teach others, then you've attained that mastery rank. It is applied in various forms for craftsmen and apprenticeships as well.

When I was living in Chicago, I was passionate about my work and career. I truly did love what I was doing for others. This eventually led me down a path to teach others.

Unfortunately the system itself didn't suit my personality and drive. That entrepreneurial spark that has been there all along. Most people are intimidated by it. Others see through my momface, drive and anxious state. They see the potential.

The spark.

Working with neurosurgeons seemed to be more on pace with my energy level. I fit in with that fast paced work style. The hyper-aware state and ability to multi-task like the best of them.

They function as humans on a whole different level. When you can see through the insecurities and egos among them, it is fascinating to see what we are capable of achieving to even get this far in life. Seven years of surgical residency?

The last time I lived anywhere for THAT long was when I was a teenager.

A term that long takes tenacity. If you can cut it. Most can't.

The physical standing for hours being able to operate, the acuity, intelligence, ability to focus, cultivating that level of skill all the while distancing yourself emotionally.

They are trained specifically for those moments when emotions get the best of us.

Chicago Skyline via Lake Michigan

It is an extraordinary experience to work with individuals functioning at the top of their career.

It impacts you to work harder. However intimidating it may be, it still drives you.

I was too humble to take my abilities and skill set seriously.

The path to success is to take massive, determined action. -- Tony Robbins

It was nothing compared to what they've achieved in their lives.

I feel honored to have worked with them for so long. It was an impressionable time in my career and I am very fond of my experiences in Chicago.

When I take a step back and take the emotion out of it--I see the trajectory now.

Entrepreneurs function on a similar level because of their passion and internal drive. I'm finally on a path to nurture my own entrepreneurial spark.

I want to help others find what drives them and help them cultivate their passion projects.

That's what really matters. We are drawn to what drives us in this life.

Use that energy to take action!

Change your mindset. Get it done.

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