That ah-ha moment. I can do this! I am doing this! I'm an Entrepreneur.

Once I got into the entrepreneurial mindset, everything else fell into order. Now there isn't just one recipe to follow or an order of operations to launch a new business.

You kind of just go for it.

To have the courage and be brave and take that risk... once you set it into motion the passion and energy can pull you along.

The momentum! That power! It is here and I'm riding that wave to the fullest.

I'm getting ready for my personal business launch. Going full steam ahead and I see it. I've harnessed the entrepreneurial spirit.

It has been there all along.

I feel it. That spark.

What has been holding me back? I made it this far.

The domain, website, LLC, bank account -- all done. What is TRULY holding me back? My mindset ultimately.

Once I targeted the true obstacle at hand, the world of opportunity was unleashed.

The possibilities are right in front of me. Let's get rid of the obstacles.

I've been working with individuals on their passion projects, start-ups and building up their careers the entire time. Now I'm in the driver seat and can do what I love to do.

No more endless, counter-productive meetings, no system, no union rules. Let's do it.

Launch coming soon!

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