The coronavirus pandemic shines light and public awareness on the difficulties of self-isolation

Updated: Sep 24

When I went from 'working full-time' mommy to being a 'stay at home and pregnant with my second' mommy, it was a huge a shift.

Being cooped up inside all the time is one thing, but not getting alone time is another. The coronavirus pandemic shines a lot of light and public awareness on the difficulties self-isolation can be on the soul.

Towards the end of my second pregnancy, we didn't go out much because the risks of cord prolapse was too high. I was the 1% of the pregnant population who gets polyhydramnios. The third trimester took a huge toll on my body and mental health.

In therapy you learn not to self-isolate yourself because of the damage it can cause on your mental health. With the social distancing and self-isolation happening all over the world right now, people are gaining more of an appreciation of what means the most to them.

A lot of people just lost their jobs and their sole income. It is taking a toll on humanity, but I am personally trying to hold onto the light. People lost jobs they hated in the first place. People are missing their loved ones more, gossiping less and enjoying nature more. 🌎 Mother Earth is starting to heal herself! Just take a moment to look at all the beauty around us. Humanity is coming together as one to respond to the covid-19 pandemic. We go back to basics on what is important in life -- the essentials. Have you heard of the adage that the more success you gain in life, the more valuable your time becomes? This is more true now than ever. All the healthcare workers and those on the front lines, their value is priceless. Putting a monetary price tag on the matter is disheartening to an empath like me. It burdens my soul. What wouldn't we give to those who save a life? When working at MSU, I had to read a lot. A LOT. Unfortunately too many meetings limited my time to read when I was on campus. My work around at the time was to dedicate time at home to read the 200 page clinical trial protocol. We were all set up to work remote since on site audits at the hospital were required of us.

MSU was ahead of the curve in terms of letting us work remote. However, it becomes difficult to work remotely when your attention is divided between other responsibilities such as child care, cleaning and cooking. Heck, even self-care has to get scheduled into your routine. That was the struggle when I started up my new business. 🎩 Managing all the hats AND finding a routine that was sustainable.

It is about trying to find a balance but allowing yourself flexibility and forgiveness along the way. I've accepted there are things that I'm better doing and those things that I'm not. Also, don't listen to other people so much. You're the only one who knows what you've been through in life. Don't let their opinion of you matter so much.

Employers are worried right now about employee productivity while they work remote, but my spidey sense tells me everyone is going to encounter burnout. They feel overwhelmed with the changes and uncertainties. A mass shift has occurred on society so now is a great time to rebuild things the way we want them. A month into this and everyone trying to adjust to this period all the while being self-isolated. Some struggling with loneliness. Others yearning for alone time. Each day represents new opportunities to see both perspectives.

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

Everyone is struggling out there. Be kind. 🙏🏼

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