Tips for Staying Productive and Inspired While Working From Home

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Working from home can have its own set of challenges.

The routine of going into the office gets lost.

The morning walk over to the hospital to get an iced coffee with coworkers doesn't happen.

Making rounds to see who wants to order thai turns into lunch for one. And that's probably over a keyboard.

Those little daily habits that help build a relationship can get lost.

You have to make your habits intentional when you work from home.

Growing up we are taught to practice, study, read, and do our homework.

When you cross over into adulthood people can lose the mindset of doing their homework.

That somehow homework ends after college. Or you're not supposed to take work home with you.

Who makes those choices of what is an acceptable social norm? Polar opposites of the spectrum when you analyze it.

I'm a huge advocate for being able to be more than one thing.

When you ask your child what they want to be when they grow up, why limit it to just one?

In reality, we are all more than just one thing.

Mom Tiger sings it best with "You can be more than one thing", from PBS' Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. #DanielTigerMom

Recently someone asked if I was a mommy blogger. Yes, I am a mom. Yes, I have a blog. I wear many hats. We all do.

Where does the distinction occur?

When you pursue your passions in life, the mundane tasks don't register. You just do it.

There's an energy there that builds momentum.

When curiosity sparks more interest and research into something -- it becomes your homework essentially.

Focus on what interests you. Focus on what you love to do.

Watch your patterns and habits. Turn those into opportunities to incorporate productivity into your routine. #WorkSmarter

Learning and mastering a skill is a lifelong process.

Embrace it.

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